Stove Lite Pro

Tegpro's Stove Lite Pro has all of the features of the Stove Lite Basic - place it on your hot stove top, and within a minute or two it starts to emit light. In addition to basic features, the Stove Lite Pro includes a built-in rechargeable battery, mode select button and USB charging outlet. These Pro features increases the usuage to year-round as well as add the ability to charge your smartphone and tablet.

The Stove Lite Pro uses a TEG power Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) that leverages the difference in temperature to create electricity. In addition to heat for warmth, now your wood stove can also be used to run and charge a mobile light source, the Stove Lite Pro.

This high-tech lantern is elegant in appearance, adding visually to any room - designed for the hot surface of a wood stove top, it has a quiet and efficient cooling fan which circulates air through your room. Enjoy the warmth of your stove with the soft and surprisingly bright light provided by the Stove Lite.

The Stove Lite is a tastefully designed and well-built addition to your Hearth & Home. Get your's today.

Please read the Stove Lite Buyer's Guide and Info Sheet before purchasing.

Check out the review below made by Justin Credible!


Stove Lite Pro Charging Portable Devices
Charge Devices

The Stove Lite Pro has a built-in USB charging outlet for charging portable devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets and more.

Stove Lite Hanging Kit
Rechargeable Battery

The Stove Lite Pro charges an internal battery while running on a wood stove and can also be charged from a 110V outlet or an accesory Solar Charger.

Stove Lite Trivet

The Stove Lite will emit light for up to 20 hours on the low setting and up to 4 hours on the high setting after being removed from a heat source - when moving the Stove Lite from a warm stove a trivet can be used to place the Stove Lite down on other surfaces like a table or night stand.

Video Review of Stove Lite by Team INO

Team INO produces video reviews on a wide array of products. Here is their review on the Stove Lite and a chance for you to see it in action. The Stove Lite has been reviewed by many third party suppliers, for more reviews and press releases, click here.


Keep your room lit without the use of batteries or candles - use the Stove Lite.

Hunting Camps

During the hunting season save on batteries by lighting your camp with the Stove Lite Basic.

Off-Grid Living

In a effort to conserve energy for off-grid living the Stove Lite Basic uses wasted heat to help light your home.

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