About Us, the Stovelite and Pledging on Kickstarter!

About Us: TEGpro, the makers of the Stove Lite located in Randolph, Vermont are a division of LEDdynamics, Inc. TEGpro specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of thermoelectric generator products.

Kickstarter Goal: Our Kickstarter campaign completed on December 4th, and backers raised $55,017!

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Can the Stove Lite Pro be charged externally? Yes, the Stove Lite Pro can be charged externally via a micro USB port.

How much light does the Stove Lite emit? The Stove Lite will emit up to 200 lumens, which is approximately equivalent to a 30 watt incandescent bulb.

How long will Stove Lite emit light when it's not on a hot Wood Stove? Stove Lite Basic will run for up to 9 minutes off a stove, if Stove Lite Pro's batteries are fully charged, it can last up to 8 hours.

Where can I buy a Stove Lite? Ordering information is available here on this site.

Will you ship to people outside of the United States? Yes. We will ship to other countries as long as they are not embargoed.

When will the Stove Lite be available? The Stove Lites that were pre-ordered via Kickstarter will be shipping out before the end of 2015. For ordering information, see ordering info.

Will sales tax be charged to ship the Stove Lite? Sales tax of 6% will be charged to Vermont residents.

The Stove Lite Story We are a close group of engineers from Vermont Technical College, who have been working with thermoelectric technology that allows heat to be converted to electricity. The idea for the Stove Lite first came to us when we found a rusty old kerosene lantern in an antique shop. Hurricane lanterns, as they were once known, were an essential tool for homesteaders with their simplistic design, robust construction, and aggressive light output. We felt this beautiful and practical design could be preserved if it was retrofitted with modern technology. We brought the lantern back to our shop, painted over the rust, and outfitted the cavity with a thermoelectric module, custom electronics, and LEDs.

The first prototype worked, but we knew we could improve the reliability and light output. Several drawings were created to produce the next generation. We focused on affordability and ease of construction, so that we could assemble efficiently once we had the materials. We found a quality source of classic kerosene lanterns, and gave the lantern a new look with black paint and brass trim.

We rallied all of our friends with wood stoves, and they volunteered to become Stove Lite beta testers, hastening the development process. After months of testing and revisions, we developed an efficient circuit that made the Stove Lite brighter. The lantern would even continue running for a few minutes after removal from the stove top! The efficiency yielded enough excess power to charge a battery, paving the way for the Stovelite Pro.

Risks & Challanges We have striven to streamline the production process in order to minimize the build cost, and reduce the chance of setbacks. If any issues come up, we believe good communication is imperative. We will update all of our backers via e-mail and maintain a Q&A center throughout the process.

Our company has a long history of designing LED drivers. We have developed and brought to market a number of innovative products such as the first drop-in LED fluorescent tube replacement. We also create custom solutions for manufacturers who are trying to make their own LED products. Over the years, we have become experts in thermal management, and converting small amounts of voltage into usable power. As it turns out, these are the same challenges faced when working with thermoelectric generators.

We have recently perfected the design of a small and very efficient device that regulates the output of thermoelectric modules. The Stove Lite is the first product Tegpro, a division of LEDdynamics Inc., has released on Kickstarter. However with LEDdynamics' 10 years of experience designing complex thermally engineered products, you can rest assured we will deliver a quality product on time.

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