Stove Lite

Wood Stove LED Lantern & USB Charger!

Using Thermoelectric Generator (TEG Power) technology, TEGpro a division of LEDdynamics, Inc., has designed the world's first LED lantern that runs and charges entirely from the heat of your wood stove. This stylish lantern circulates the heat of your wood stove throughout the room, while illuminating the area and charging it's internal battery for off-stove use.

Once the internal battery is charged, you can use it off-stove as a lantern for up to 20 hours. Use the USB port on the top of the lantern to charge your phone.

The Stove Lite is great for emergency preparedness, power outages, off-grid living, and ice fishing shanties & hunting cabins.

The Stove Lite Product Overview

The Stove Lite is a traditional looking lantern that is anything but conventional. It contains a TEG Power thermoelectric generator - technology that makes it possible to create electricity from heat without moving parts.

Has Internal Battery

The Stove Lite harnesses heat from your wood stove, converting it to electricity that powers its built-in LED light, as well as charging its battery and your smartphone, laptop or tablet device. The replaceable high temperature battery pack allows the lantern to emit light for up to 20 hours without being on a wood stove; the battery pack can also power a USB charging port so you can charge an external USB battery, a smartphone or tablet. The Stove Lite has a cooling fan which circulates the hot air from your wood stove in your house or cabin.

Attactive & Functional Wood Stove Lantern

Whether you occupy an "off-grid" home (a house without infrastructure electricity), are preparing for a disaster / power outages, or are simply trying to make your home more efficient, our patented Stove Lite is an attractive and effortless solution to turn your wood stove into a miniature power plant.

stove lite

TEG Power Generator with a Classic Lantern Look

The Stove Lite Lantern design is based off the look of the classic hurricane lantern which gives it, its Steam Punk appeal. This American Made Lantern is quality built, robust and attractive. It weighs just over 7 lbs. It includes a beautifully designed cast iron trivet so you can take it off a hot stove and have a safe place to set it. It also includes a USB charging cable so you can charge it during the off season.

Charge Your Phone, Tablet or Camera during heating season

Stove Lite Charging Iphone

Charge Your Devices

The Stove Lite can charge your USB devices using your devices USB cable and/or adapter
Stove Lite Charging from Outlet

Charge your Stove Lite Year Round

Use your Stove Lite year-round - just charge the internal battery via a standard electrical outlet with a USB wall adapter or optional Solar Charger
Stove Lite Looks Like A Classic Lantern

Solar Charge your Stove Lite

The Stove Lite can be charged with the accessory Solar Charger

Video Review of Stove Lite by Team INO

Team INO produces video reviews on a wide array of products. Here is their review on the Stove Lite and a chance for you to see it in action. The Stove Lite has been reviewed by many third party suppliers, for more reviews and press releases, click here.

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